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Freedom Garvey Photographer

thank you for visiting my page! enjoy the images & a little about me...

i'm passionate about yoga, love, natural light, f2.8, ganesh, great coffee, barefeet in the sand, laughter, friendship & all the connections in between! i feel blessed to live in yallingup with my husband & daughter, spending everyday doing what i love, surrounded by the creativity of the people i meet & the moments i am able to share. it is an evolving journey with my camera, that continues to excite me!

i cherish capturing honest connections between people, allowing my images to tell their story. it is always an honour & pleasure to share these moments of love & laughter with my clients, be it their wedding day, an expecting mother, the birth of a child or whimsical love.

please contact me if you would like me to capture any of life's amazing moments for you...

Freedom Garvey, Telephone 0439 999 735